The Dawn of Paleo

Mostly Recipes with a Few Insights about Paleo Life


on March 6, 2012

OK, I am starting to think I am getting better at understanding this blog thing (not at actually blogging,but understanding how to)… well, I still don’t consider myself a “blogger” but I am starting to not mind telling people that I have a blog.  Maybe one day, I’ll even feel confident enough to make this a public blog?

Anyway, we just got back from an amazing weekend trip to Seaside with 23 of our closest friends and neighbors and we had a blast!  I have discovered that (along with cooking, of course) I really enjoy talking and discussing the paleo/low carb lifestyle and all the research that I have read–   to people that are interested and really want to learn more!  But, I’m not so good at writing it all down.  So, from that, I’m thinking that my influence in other peoples lives is going to have to be face to face.  My new theme:  Changing the world, one friend at a time.  Ha!

The other thing I’ve learned, is that it’s not worth talking/debating with those that are not interested.  Which is totally fine with me, but I have to realize that no matter how passionately i feel about improving others lives, it’s really about people wanting to learn and change and it’s got to come from them initially.  Diet is a very personal thing and I get that.

On another note, Mike and I ran the 5K with no training!… and we did pretty good (sub 29mins)!  This was the first time EVER that Mike was the one encouraging me to keep going (and trust me, I needed it!).  Historically, I was the “runner” and he just finished, well, not any more…. he beat me my 8 seconds!!  And I couldn’t be prouder!  I honestly believe, just by changing our diet, we were able to accomplish this… and still be able to walk the next day!


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