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Easy, Crock-Pot Paleo Whole Chicken

on May 18, 2012

This one is ridiculously simple!!   Just put whole chicken in crock-pot (frozen or fresh) with some onion (quartered), ~5-6 whole cloves garlic, 2-3 sprigs of rosemary, and any other veggies you’d like to add (I added a red bell pepper).  Sprinkle with some salt and pepper and some cumin.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours.  Fall-off the bone yummyness!

*Another tip:  After I make a chicken in the crock-pot, I always make broth from the bones!  It’s easy and really yummy and much cheaper than buying it off the shelf!  All you do is put the bones, gristle, fat, onions (basically anything that you don’t eat!) back into the crock pot.  Add ~2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and fill it up with water.  Cook on low over night, or as long as the entire next day.  Strain all the “parts” out of the liquid and wah-lah… home made broth/stock!   I separate mine into various size (1 to 4 cup) containers and freeze it… then just thaw it out when I need some broth!  Works great!!


4 responses to “Easy, Crock-Pot Paleo Whole Chicken

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  2. Sergio Reyes says:

    Do you add any water or broth when you put the chicken & veggies in the crockpot?

    • paleodawn says:

      Nope! I usually put it in frozen and it makes it’s own juice. I’ve also done it with a fresh chicken and it makes plenty of juice, too! If your concerned, it won’t hurt anything to add a little liquid (broth or water)!! Hope that helps!

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