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What’s for Breakfast?

I am constantly being asked what I have for breakfast.   And my answer is “almost every morning I have 4 eggs and 2-3 slices of bacon”.  I’ve had the same breakfast for almost 2 years now.   And, no, I never get tired of it!  I use local free-range eggs when I can, otherwise, I buy the ones with the highest Omega-3 levels that I can find and I always try to have uncured (nitrite free) bacon as well.   I do mix it up sometimes and change out the bacon for sausage or chorizo or whatever leftover meat we have from dinner!  I do also add whatever leftover veggies that we have to my eggs from time to time.  I typically cook my eggs in coconut oil or bacon grease.  We have almond flour waffles usually on Sunday mornings, for a special treat, as well.  (I’ll post that recipe soon!)

Chorizo, eggs, and peppers


Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

Well, I don’t usually do product reviews… but maybe I should start!  Paleo-friendly reviews, hmmm, not bad!  I bought this chip maker, because I love sweet potato chips, but I can’t find any that aren’t made with vegetable oil.  It works pretty well!  It comes with a small mandolin that slices the potatoes very thin.  You place them on the silicone tray, add salt (if desired), and cook.  It’s actually a very easy process!  The only down side is that you can only make a few at a time, but they are crunchy and yummy!  The box says that it “only takes 3 minutes”, but each tray took 5:45 in my microwave.  I think I will be happy with my purchase!

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Watch This….

Thanks to Jimmy Moore for posting this!  This is the documentary series that has been airing in the UK.  Please watch this, it is totally worth it!  It is broken up into 15 min you tube videos.  Enjoy!!

‘The Men Who Made Us Fat’

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Cheat Sheet




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New Cookbook!

For Easter, my mother in law sent me a new paleo cookbook!  I’m so excited to start using it.   There is a meal plan in the back complete with shopping lists, too!  Pretty cool!  She also sent my kids a paleo kids book!  They love it!  I just heard my youngest (5 yr old) say “if you can’t read it, don’t eat it”… i love that (a direct quote from the book!).


I’m looking forward to posting new recipes soon!

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Paleo Kid Conversion

So, recently Mike and I have decided that the kids need to eat a little closer to paleo then they have been.  They are both good eaters and usually eat whatever I make for dinner.  Lunch is where we are struggling.  Riley (almost 5), goes to a private pre-school that will heat up her food for her, so it’s not as hard for her because she just gets whatever was for dinner the night before.  Alex (6 yrs), on the other hand, goes to a public school and likes eating breakfast and lunch at school.  Ugh, this kills me!  So, what we are trying to do is have him eat some breakfast at home (usually an egg), then he can still get something at school if he is still hungry.  Lunch is more challenging.  Nothing gets heated, so it’s a little more difficult to pack.  He likes egg-salad, tuna-salad, and ham rolls.  So for right now those are the staples.  I’m drying some fruit today as well to put in their lunches.



OK, I am starting to think I am getting better at understanding this blog thing (not at actually blogging,but understanding how to)… well, I still don’t consider myself a “blogger” but I am starting to not mind telling people that I have a blog.  Maybe one day, I’ll even feel confident enough to make this a public blog?

Anyway, we just got back from an amazing weekend trip to Seaside with 23 of our closest friends and neighbors and we had a blast!  I have discovered that (along with cooking, of course) I really enjoy talking and discussing the paleo/low carb lifestyle and all the research that I have read–   to people that are interested and really want to learn more!  But, I’m not so good at writing it all down.  So, from that, I’m thinking that my influence in other peoples lives is going to have to be face to face.  My new theme:  Changing the world, one friend at a time.  Ha!

The other thing I’ve learned, is that it’s not worth talking/debating with those that are not interested.  Which is totally fine with me, but I have to realize that no matter how passionately i feel about improving others lives, it’s really about people wanting to learn and change and it’s got to come from them initially.  Diet is a very personal thing and I get that.

On another note, Mike and I ran the 5K with no training!… and we did pretty good (sub 29mins)!  This was the first time EVER that Mike was the one encouraging me to keep going (and trust me, I needed it!).  Historically, I was the “runner” and he just finished, well, not any more…. he beat me my 8 seconds!!  And I couldn’t be prouder!  I honestly believe, just by changing our diet, we were able to accomplish this… and still be able to walk the next day!

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Cholesterol and The Myths

I recently heard this guy on a podcast and I’m very impressed with his ideas on cholesterol.  His site is:  .   Below is a clip of some cholesterol facts.

Here are the facts!

Click on the blue numbers if you want references to the scientific literature

 1  Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals. There are no such things as good or bad cholesterol, but mental stress, physical activity and change of body weight may influence the level of blood cholesterol. A high cholesterol is not dangerous by itself, but may reflect an unhealthy condition, or it may be totally innocent.

 2  A high blood cholesterol is said to promote atherosclerosis and thus also coronary heart disease. But many studies have shown that people whose blood cholesterol is low become just as atherosclerotic as people whose cholesterol is high.

 3  Your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat. The production of cholesterol increases when you eat little cholesterol and decreases when you eat much. This explains why the ”prudent” diet cannot lower cholesterol more than on average a few per cent.

 4  There is no evidence that too much animal fat and cholesterol in the diet promotes atherosclerosis or heart attacks. For instance, more than twenty studies have shown that people who have had a heart attack haven’t eaten more fat of any kind than other people, and degree of atherosclerosis at autopsy is unrelated with the diet.

 5 The only effective way to lower cholesterol is with drugs, but neither heart mortality or total mortality have been improved with drugs the effect of which is cholesterol-lowering only. On the contrary, these drugs are dangerous to your health and may shorten your life.

 6  The new cholesterol-lowering drugs, the statins, do prevent cardio-vascular disease, but this is due to other mechanisms than cholesterol-lowering. Unfortunately, they also stimulate cancer in rodents, disturb the functions of the muscles, the heart and the brain and pregnant women taking statins may give birth to children with malformations more severe than those seen after thalidomide.

 7  Many of these facts have been presented in scientific journals and books for decades but are rarely told to the public by the proponents of the diet-heart idea. 

 8  The reason why laymen, doctors and most scientists have been misled is because opposing and disagreeing results are systematically ignored or misquoted in the scientific press.  

 9 The Benefits Of High Cholesterol


I am an independent researcher. No part of my research, including my websites and my books, were funded or influenced by any governmental, industrial or charitable organization.   

Webmaster Uffe Ravnskov

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My Latest Obsessions

I absolutely love listening to Jimmy Moore and his podcast “Living La Vida Low Carb”.   He has so many intellegent and interesting people on there and I feel like my knowledge of low-carb lifestyles, cholesterol, and exercise has (at least) tripled since listening.  I highly recommend it!  (and it’s FREE!)

My other obsession is spreading the word about all the things I’m learning about this way of life.  I can’t believe that doctors are still preaching to live a “low-fat, high-carb” diet and that it’s “heart-healthy”… when it’s completely untrue, and actually the opposite!!  Just look at our population… the lower the fat, and the more “heart-healthy” grains we eat, the fatter and more unhealthy we get.  C’mon people, it’s not rocket-science!!

Finally, I just watched the documentary film “Fat Head” on watch instantly on Netflix.  If you have an extra 1hr 44min, I would recommend it.   It gets a little slow in the middle, but I promise it gets better at the end… hold out for the end!

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